Monday, March 24, 2014


Hello fellow hive minds!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last two months - real life has thrown no shortage of tasks my way recently, though they've been mostly good ones with relation to work and my girlfriend.

Simply put I've just not had time to dedicate myself to this project the way i would have liked- but that all changed over the weekend because look what finally appeared on my doorstep...

My heirophant was here!!

The first thing I did was take everything out of the packaging and make sure I had all the pieces in front of me before I began.

Everything had great detail, but there were 3 issues that I ultimately decided would be workable - the tail arrived broken, I recieved two of the same front leg, and the middle section of spikes all along the belly had some serious miscast issues, but all of it ultimately could be fixed with pinning, greenstuff, and using hot water to warp the resin (in the case of the front legs).

I had felt and smelled the release agent on all of these pieces, so I knew I needed to give them a solid scrub with dish soap and a wire brush to clean them before construction could begin:

I figured the best place for me to start the job was by doing the rear vents and the head. Then I'd add the spikes and talons, then move on to the legs to get it standing,  and finish with the tail and gun arms.

Everything from this point on was pinned AND greenstuffed, and there are plenty of gaps that need filling as seen below:

Stay tuned for another update tonight once I get the spikes and legs attached - Cheers all!

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