Sunday, January 19, 2014

Defective Births, Tyranid Style

Hey everybody! Tonight I've finally gotten around to uploading some pictures of my completed tervigon (sans basing). Enjoy!

While I love the way this guy came out, I've been having mixed results with him in game - its not news that the new codex is a challenging one, but overall I've enjoyed the variety it brings to my favorite army.

That being said, synaptic feedback has been brutal, as has the random psychic powers- I've found myself being intrigued by things like warp blast and psychic scream rather than taking the safe play of dominion, much to the chagrin of my little termagants.

On the table this week are 30 more termagants, the barbed heirodule, and 2 trygons/mawlocs - I have the whole week to myself after work (the girlfriend is in vegas for a work conference) so I should be able to catch up for this month's goal of 2000 points painted.

Cheers, stay tuned!

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